How to manage a spa

Fruit and Spice Jungle Spa is a temple of true wellness for body, mind and soul.

The resort and spa are located on the southernmost point of Zanzibar: nothing but blue ocean and nature will surround you in this magical space, perfect for indulging and rejuvenating.

Our partnership with Fruit&Spice started in early 2018, serving the resort's quest for a more efficient management of their marvellous spa.

Applying our knowledge and experience, we refined and polished all aspects of the spa operations, from stock control to implementation of new treatments and protocols.

Under the expert guidance of a Mali Spa Management senior therapist, and taking over the training and development of the two existing therapists, we quickly improved the reliability and quality of service, finally taking this business to its full potential. 

Combined with the unique setting, our management makes this spa a truly special therapeutic experience in Zanzibar. 


We are available to consult anyone who's ready to take their wellness venture to the next level!

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