In the past few years, Mali spa Management has chosen to work exclusively with Inaya Zanzibar as the only provider of all the skincare products we use in our spas.

Inaya was founded in 2013, inspired by acknowledging that the rich and diverse nature available in Zanzibar and throughout Africa was not being utilized to its full potential.


Since then, Inaya Zanzibar has become known for its unique high quality African product ranges made whenever possible using organic and/or wild harvested ingredients.


Our proudly all-women production and sales team creates and sells Inaya Spa and Body Essentials at our independent factory and retail shop. We strive to create an inspiring and fulfilling work environment, through employment that empowers each woman to reach their full potential.


Every one of our Spa and body products are made with care and attention to detail, staying true to the meaning of Inaya - “Loving to show care & attention to others”.


We are committed to produce natural, authentic, exclusive skin and body care, inspired by Africa, made in Zanzibar.

Why we choose Inaya

We believe healthy skin is a combination of what you put into your body, and what you put onto your body.


All our products are developed to work with your skin type and conditions, not to fix or remove, but to promote your own skin’s ability to restore and regenerate itself.


Inaya’s products are cruelty, SLS, mineral oil and paraben free. Our raw ingredients are sourced from like minded companies with high purity standards, ensuring not only the highest quality, but also ethical and sustainable products.


Inaya holds no false promise of youth restored or blemishes removed, but promises a product that assists your skin to be healthy and balanced.


Because where health and balance exist all things look and feel at their very best. 

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